• Jun 29, 2016
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by Robert Lee Camp

Bernie Sanders 3 ♦/A ♠ /J ♥ (Decanate Ruler) | 9/8/1941 age 74
Hillary Clinton 9 ♥ /Q ♠/K ♣ | 10/26/1947 age 68
Donald Trump 3 ♦/A ♠/9 ♣ (Decanate Ruler) | 6/14/1946 age 70

Now that we have filtered out all the lesser candidates, I think it is time to take a look and see if the cards can tell us anything about the upcoming presidential election. Well, to be honest, Bernie Sanders has not been completely eliminated but it look s as though he will, at or before the democratic convention. Of all the three remaining contenders, Bernie actually has the best cards. But his delegate count, about a thousand less than Hillary, likely eliminates him from winning the nomination.

But I really wonder.. Will Hillary ask him to be her Vice President? His cards are just so good, at least until his birthday in September. He is in the Pinnacle Year in his A ♠ spread and he has good cards in his J ♥ Decanate Ruler spread. I really thought he had a chance to beat Hillary.

hillary-billWhen looking at the cards, it is a little hard to predict when it comes to Hillary Clinton. It is not just her running against the others, it is her and Bill Clinton. They have been working on this for years now, preparing for just this moment. Obama beat Hillary in the last election because he is her Saturn Card. If it were not for that, she may have won before.

And it is hard to factor Bill’s influence into this equation, since it is never reported on in the news. One thing is certain, he is Saturn to both Bernie and Donald’s Q ♦ Karma Card.

This gives him an edge on what to say to criticize them, which Hillary has been doing frequently, and I am sure, with Bill’s help. Bill and Hillary also had the 718 super delegates in their pocket, even before any of the primaries began. Those votes were with them even before the race began. This is one example of how prepared these two have been. If we took those super delegates and gave them to Bernie, he would be the presumed nominee right now.

bernieBernie and Donald Trump have the same Birth and Planetary Ruling Card. But their Decanate Rulers are different. Bernie’s is the J ♥, which is Saturn to Donald’s 3 ♦. This would give him an edge over Donald. However, Bernie’s J ♥ is Moon to Donald’s 9 ♣, and this 9 ♣ is also Saturn to Bernie’s A ♠.

This would normally give Donald a big advantage over Bernie. I am not sure if he would help Hillary’s chance or not. But I am sure that she needs and wants his support.

If he endorses her, it will give her a lot better chances for the presidential election. I think though, that Donald would beat Bernie if the election were just them.

Looking at Donald and Hillary’s connections, we find a small advantage to Donald. Donald is Saturn to Hillary’s K ♣, but this is her 2nd Planetary Ruling Card. This does have an effect as we see him calling her ‘Crooked Hillary’ but will it sway the public opinion?

They also have a mutual Saturn connection, which gives neither the advantage. And finally, Donald’s A ♠ PR card is Moon to Hillary’s 2 ♠, which is the Karma Card of her 2nd PR Card, the K ♣. This sort of makes them about equal overall. But with so much Saturn, we are likely to see an election focused on mud-slinging more than the actual issues.

trump-melaniaDonald’s cards not any better than Hillary’s this year. He just began a new year on June 14th and a new Seven-year cycle as well. But when you look at his spreads, he has two Nines Long Range and three Sevens.

Sevens and Nines are not generally associated with success on the material plane. Sevens and Nines can be good in some cases and as Long Range Cards it is hard to tell which way they will manifest.

Nines can bring the attainment of a something wanted for a long time. We can see that since his birthday, and the becoming the presumptive republican nominee, that Donald’s influence has waned quite a bit. This change to a new year and new 7-year cycle has really changed his energetic outlook.

Perhaps he will turn this thing around or perhaps he will go further downhill. The next month or two are critical and we will see from that where this is leading. The election occurs in his Mars period and his cards there are good, but not that good.


For Hillary, the election occurs in her Mercury period. And her Mercury cards are not really telling us much as far as whether or not she will win. Her Result cards for the current year are good and perhaps they tell the story more than her Mercury cards next year.

Taking all of this into consideration, my best guess is that, unless something drastic happens to Hillary’s campaign, she will be our next president. There is nothing in her cards or Donald’s that gives us a clear winner here. But I see Hillary and Bill as being so much better prepared.

Bill Clinton’s cards are very good so it appears that whatever his involvement is, he will be a happy camper. He starts a new year and 7-year period on August 19th and has the 4 ♥/10 ♣ and 8 ♣/Q ♣ as Long Range cards (Birth and Decanate Ruling card spreads). I don’t anything can stop the powerful duo of Bill and Hillary.

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