• May 27, 2008
  • Robert Lee Camp

1. I am watching my mind as it goes crazy, from one thought to the other.
2. I catch myself being defensive when someone’s comments or actions threaten my false identity, which is mostly about being a know-it-all.
3. I see how hard it is to enjoy any given moment and how afraid my mind is of being here and now.
4. I see how my ego constantly wants to compare myself with others and make them seem lesser than me so I can feel okay about myself.
5. I catch myself when my pain body is awakened and am able to stop myself from reacting or going into ‘getting others back’ mode.
6. I have more compassion for others and can see how they, like me, are the victims of our egos. This allows me to accept them on a very deep level.
7. I can take more responsibility for myself, knowing that I always have a choice when I am confronted with a difficult situation, or one that I do not like.
8. I can see all the ways in which my mind/ego habitually escapes from the now and thus perpetuates my own suffering.

My little talk on Life and Being in the Now:

The Key To Everything

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