• Nov 30, 2014
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Shia LeBeouf born June 11, 1986
Shia LeBeouf born June 11, 1986 6♦/4♠

By Robert Lee Camp

If you haven’t been watching any celebrity news lately, the young Transformers star has been up to a lot lately, causing stirs and getting the attention of all the celebrity news outlets.

2014 has been a big year for Shia shenanigans, including announcement of his retiring from public life (whatever that means), getting into fights inside and outside of bars and restaurants, attending his own film premier (Nymphomaniac) wearing a bag over his head, admitting to plagiarizing other artists in his own published works, and declaring he was raped by a woman at one of his rather bizarre performance art pieces.

It makes me wonder what is the motive behind some of these antics. I couldn’t wait to find out what his cards are so I looked him up and lo and behold, he is a 6♦ with a 4♠ Planetary Ruling card.

That combination doesn’t necessarily connect with words like bizarre but there is definitely something there. What is interesting to me is that I happen to know someone else with his birthday, who likewise displays some more or less outrageous traits of self-grandeur.

So, from what I can see at least, Shia must be motivated by a desire for attention. That certainly would describe the other person I know of. Not that this is a bad thing. It just seems to be over the top in its expression. And perhaps there are things to be known about the 6♦ and 4♠ that we haven’t recognized yet.

This behavior reminds me a lot of people who share the 10♥ Birth Card or Planetary Ruling card. People like Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and Miley Cyrus.

It is very similar so that could explain that for Shia’s cards, since the 10♥ is both his Mercury and Venus Card in his Life Spread. Venus rules artistic expression and Mercury is probably one of the most important cards in our Life Spread since it governs the formative years of life.

To me, that has to be one factor to consider. The next is the struggle that most 6♦ endure on an emotional level. They have the A♥ as their lifetime Saturn card.

This means that inside of them is a deep hole, a longing for love that is difficult if not impossible to fill. And that love is mostly self-love (A♥).

To fill that hole, it is easy to imagine that a 6♦ might do outrageous things to get the attention of others. Getting others approval or disapproval is the same to the ego. It is all attention. And it would be natural for a person having difficulty loving themselves to seek that love from others.

Shia turned 28 on his last birthday and entered into a new 7-year cycle. Perhaps this new cycle will have him turn over a new leaf and find perhaps better ways to fulfill his needs. He is starting off with some really good cards, for sure. But having gotten a taste for public attention through craziness, he may instead choose to continue along these lines.

I think Shia considers himself a genuine artist. And artists are not known for having any regard for social norms. So none of this seems really unusual in today’s age. I think Shia is a very talented actor and probably has a lot of creativity for other things as well.

His ‘bad boy’ persona doesn’t really add to his reputation in my opinion, but who knows for sure? Fame in this age of darkness is given to anyone, regardless of the actual merit of their deeds. Perhaps fame is the most important thing in life to Shia.

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