• Jun 26, 2008
  • Robert Lee Camp

This actually does not work. And it is what we will do because that is how our mind works. As Eckhart says, “The mind loves to make a problem out of things.” So, if you are practicing being in the NOW you will soon find, as I have, that it now becomes your new problem – getting to be in the NOW. My ego gets in there too telling me all the good reasons why I should be in the NOW. The big ego way of looking at it would naturally be, ‘ I want to be in the NOW so I can feel superior to others, or to be better.’ or ‘Wow, won’t I be so great when I am in the NOW all the time!’

These are all mind tricks. And if you try to just stop thinking, that will not work either. Eckhart teaches that all we really need to do is become aware of what is. Even just becoming aware that we are lost in our heads is the process of coming more into the NOW.

In each moment, with the constantly changing forms running through, we can become aware of something. Our awareness never leaves us. It (or should I say, the real us) is always present. Thus, all we need do is become aware of what is and be with that.

The present is our friend and ally.

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