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Welcome to our class, your initiation into the Mystic Science of the Cards. The main class consists of three videos, each over one hour in length. To watch these videos you will require a fairly good internet connection. If the video freezes while playing, just pause the video for 15-20 seconds to allow it to download more, and then resume. The information covered in each video is listed with it.

We also have two extra videos that are quick-review videos in case you didn’t catch it all in the class.

To begin with, you will need a copy of the Advanced Oracle Workbook. You can download that from this link: ADVANCED ORACLE WORKBOOK

If you right-click on the link you can choose to download it to your computer and print one out if you desire. You will need this book to follow along with the course itself.

Video One – 1:02

Reading the Grand Solar Spreads (GSS)
Translating the GSS to Linear Spreads – Counting the Cards
Quadrating the Deck
The Fixed and Semi Fixed Cards
The Fractal Nature of the Spreads – The Life Spread is also many other spreads
How the Planetary Ruling Cards are found
Counting the Cards for any specific spread
Finding the Long Range Cards
The Vertical Long Range Cards

Video Two – 1:20

The Planetary Influences of the Rows and Columns in the GSS
Finding the Displacement Card each year
The Underlying Cards
When someone you know is your Displacment Card
The Environment Card
The Magic Circle and the Path of Displacement
The Underlying Cards again
More About Saturn
The PreBirth and Rebirth Years
Importance of the Seven Year Spreads
The Critical Year – Age 52
Cautionary Displacement positions
Displacing a Nine
Displacing a Card who has a 9 of Spades in Saturn in its Life Spread (7 and 4 of Hearts)
Being Aware of the deadly 6 and 9 of Spades combo
The Beneficial Displacement Positions
Being in the Jupiter Column
6 of Clubs have the Best Life Spread
The Year of the Mystic Triangle
The Ascent to the Pinnacle
The Pinnacle Year and its importance
The Most Blessed Year

Video Three 1:03

Q&A (continued)
The Magi Temple in Chicago and Olney Richmond
What neighborhood are you in this year?
Checking for relationship connections in the GSS
Finding the Various Ruling Cards
The Planetary Ruling Card
The Decanate Ruling Card
The Higher Octaves of the Period Cards
The Law of Fives in the yearly and other spreads and how they give you even more information

Review Video – Finding and Using the Seven-Year Spreads


Review Video – the Magic Circle and the Auspicious Years of Life


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