• Dec 28, 2008
  • Robert Lee Camp

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchett

Benjamin ButtonDesiree and I saw this movie two nights ago. We both absolutely loved it. The themes expressed in this movie have a timeless quality about them. Love, and particularly the love of life, was probably the main theme. I went to this movie thinking it was all about the love relationship of the two main characters, Benjamin and Daisy. And though their relationship was probably the most prominent, there were so many love relationships in this movie that theirs didn’t actually stick out that much. There was love between Benjamin and Captain Mike, the steamboat captain for example. And what about Benjamin and his adopted mother, Queenie? The list goes on and on. But most of all it was the love of life that stuck with me. I loved how Benjamin, as a child, was able to accept his fate (that he might die any day now) and live each day in gratitude. He started his life in adversity, surrounded by death on a daily basis, and so became more accepting of everything. The theme of ‘you never know what tomorrow may bring’ was also prominent in this movie. Many surprises occurred, which is just how life is.

Hollywood reviewers disappoint me. I guess they are too concerned with being smarter than the rest of us to care what matters to us in a movie. But even these hard-nosed, paid to be skeptical people, were touched by this film. I remember seeing the television show, At the Movies, which used to be Siskel and Ebert but who currently is hosted by some new guys who don’t have a clue. Trying so hard to sound intelligent, they dissected this movie. In the end both said “See It” but they had to throw in their two cents. Why can’t movie reviewers just say, “I loved it” or “I hated this movie” and be done with it? Benjamin button caused me to feel joy,  love, wonder and sadness. It caused me to ponder my own existence, to consider my own life and to come to appreciate more the things I have. What more could any movie offer? This is the best movie I have seen that I can remember. It did not barrage me with action sequences, or offend me with violence or vulgarity. It simply captured my heart. And for me, that is what I want from the experience of seeing a movie. I want to care about the characters and be somewhat amazed at their choices.

I felt that Brad Pitt, a King of Hearts with a 2 of Diamonds Planetary Ruling Card, was perfect for the role. He was ultimately charming and seductive, and friendly to all, a characteristic of many King of Hearts. He is a Sagittarius too, and his character embarked on many adventures, just as a Sag would do. Kate Blanchett, a Taurus 5 of Diamonds was also perfect. As a Five her character also displayed that wanderlust that had her traveling all over the world. I am amazed at how actors end up in roles that fit their cards so well. I personally don’t think their chemistry on screen was all that impressive. And neither would I expect it, based upon their cards. But it really didn’t matter since this film was much more than their relationship.

I highly recommend this movie to all. Even a child could watch it.

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