• May 29, 2008
  • Robert Lee Camp

This question comes up for many who study the cards and also study Eckhart Tolle’s work as I am. Personally I see no conflict. Eckhart says in the Power of Now that in dealing with our ‘life situation’ it is good to use our mind to make predictions about the future using our experience and the knowledge of cycles and patterns. He certainly wasn’t referring to the cards or astrology. But these two sciences are the best at the analyzing of one’s patterns and cycles.

Of course one could also use the cards to completely stay out of the now. If you or I are caught up in fear of the future, as it appears in the cards, or waiting for something great to happen because the cards depict it, we are in that way using the cards to avoid the now and strengthen our sense of a false identity. This is very common and it will happen to everyone who studies the cards sooner or later.

The truth is that only being in the NOW will bring us a happy future. If I am unable to enjoy myself now, I will not be able to enjoy something in the future that the cards may be predicting. As Eckhart puts it, our current state of consciousness will ultimately create our future. No matter which way we look at it, we have to get back to NOW to have anything that we really want in life. It is all HERE and NOW anyway!

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