• May 31, 2008
  • Robert Lee Camp

If you have read any of Eckhart Tolle’s books, you are familiar with what he calls the pain body. Essentially it is that part of our ego that lives on our pain and the pain of others. It is what we are identified with when we are upset about something. The more I observe my own pain body the more I realize how it operates and I am developing a greater awareness of when I am in my pain body. It is really a gift to be able to catch myself going into my pain body and stop it before it goes on with its tyrannical ranting. I caught myself just this morning. What triggered it in this case was that our yard man trimmed back more of our fruit trees than I wanted. The fear of not having enough fruit this season was all it took. I am sure glad I caught that one. I could see it was leading to a fight (verbal).

The Pain BodyThe cards can be a great help in identifying the triggers and nature of our individual pain bodies. It is really a good thing to get to know your pain body and all its triggers, manifestations, and behaviors. This sort of awareness is the only way to rise above it. The first Karma Card is a good place to start. For example, my first Karma Card is the 3 of Diamonds. For all us Queen of Diamond people, this 3 of Diamonds first Karma Card often means an underlying and hidden fear of not having enough. This can translate as not enough food, money, love, sex, or possessions. It can manifest as just some of these or all of these, depending upon the individual. But what is true in the case of all Queen of Diamonds is that this Karma Card can be the trigger of a pain body activation and further expression.

If you know your card, get to know your first Karma Card. This is a key to understanding your link to your pain body. There are other cards in our Life Spread that are also connected to our pain body. The Saturn Card, the Pluto Card and perhaps the Mars Card too. Actually pretty much any card can have some connection to it but some are much more likely than others.

What is so cool about practicing the Power of Now is that we can actually rise above the manifestations of our Birth Card and its associated Life Spread and Karma Cards. People have often asked me if our Birth Card is a ‘life sentence’ so to speak, like a box from which we can never escape. I have always answered that this is true in most cases, and it is. However, when any of us connects to the NOW, we are immediately free from all of the Karma represented by our Birth Card, or astrological chart. All Karma is dissolved in the NOW.

The trick is getting there. Which is funny, because it is here, right now. But our minds and egos have become so strong that we struggle to have even a few seconds of now-ness. That’s why you will find me, and mostly likely forever more, practicing being in the NOW.

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