The Art of Transformational Card Readings – Part 3

To begin our exploration of the Art of Doing Transformational Readings I want you to give some thought to what kind of readings you are doing, or going to do, and what their effect might be on your clients.

I am Your Client!

Most people who do readings in astrology, numerology and the cards are doing what I refer to as ‘normal’ readings. This also includes all forms of psychic readings and Tarot, etc. There is nothing wrong with these kinds of readings. In them, the client is given information about their past, present and future. Some of these readings may give insight and confirmation relating to the life situation of the client. Usually, however, the client who is getting one of these readings just wants to know:

  1. Will I have more money in the future? And when?
  2. When will I meet someone?
  3. Will I get divorced?
  4. Will my spouse leave me?
  5. Is my health going to be okay?
  6. Will my current relationship work out?
  7. Will I be successful in my work and career?
  8. Will I be able to sell my house?
  9. What about my children? What can you tell me about my children?

When performing a normal reading, you are essentially helping your client by telling them the influences of their cards in the present and future. You explore their Birth Card, PR Card and the cards of their loved ones. You look into their Life Spread, Yearly Spreads and Seven-Year Spreads for the influence of current and future cycles and do your best to tell them what to expect and how to harmonize their choices with the best influences available. The normal reading is what most people expect when they come to you for a reading. It is what is normally associated with getting a reading in the first place.

There is nothing wrong with a reading that addresses these sorts of questions. But often, underlying these questions are much bigger questions such as:

  1. I have been married three times and each time they left me. What is wrong with me?
  2. I feel stuck here in my current situation. I want to sell my house so I can move on but the economy is so bad..
  3. My husband and I stopped loving each other years ago and I feel like I am in prison. But I am afraid that if I get divorced that I will have no money.
  4. I keep feeling that I am meant to do something important in my life but I cannot seem to figure out what that is.
  5. I have severe health problems that began shortly after my divorce. Can you help me? What should I do?
  6. I really love my partner but something doesn’t feel right about our relationship. I keep hesitating taking the next step. What is going on here for me?
  7. I am happy in my marriage but I just met someone and I am wildly attracted to him/her. What is happening with me?
  8. I have been working this job for over ten years ( or longer ) and I feel like I am wasting my life away. Is this all that life has for me?
  9. I have been struggling to make ends meet and my spouse does not contribute much to our life together financially speaking. What should I do?
  10. I am so worried about my oldest son. He is on drugs and everything I try to do to help him seems to make matters worse.

These sorts of questions offer an opportunity to take your clients to a much deeper level.  Behind each of these particular life situations are unconscious factors at work. These factors include your client’s

  • Fears
  • Beliefs about themselves
  • Feelings of worthiness or unworthiness
  • Ability to give and receive
  • Relationship with their physical body and health
  • Beliefs about others and society in general
  • What they need to be happy

All of these and more lie beneath the surface, waiting for someone to come along who can help them get in touch. The person they are waiting for is YOU, especially if they have contacted you for a reading. The cards do have incredible, more intimate information to offer. And that is exactly what this course is all about. And this is where the second kind of reading comes into play. I call this a transformational reading (TR). The entire focus of a TR is different than the normal reading. And the results of these kinds of readings can be much more potent. I have had many clients over the years tell me:

  • The reading with me changed their life.
  • They got more out of a reading with me than years of counseling or psychotherapy sessions.
  • The reading with me restored their confidence in themselves and gave them the awareness they needed to make profound changes in their life.
  • The reading with me answered questions they had for most of their life.
  • They now feel empowered to fulfill their dreams and desires, confident that what stopped them in the past will no longer stop them.
  • They now have the courage to face their life situation and make some difficult choices for a better future.
  • They now understand how they created their life to be the way it is and have the freedom, for the first time, to create their life differently.

The TR can change lives. It may not change the life of every client you encounter. Some clients that come to you will not even be ready for a TR. They just want a normal reading and in truth, that is all that they are ready for at this time. So, keep in mind that you will still do normal readings and that doing normal readings is perfectly fine. A normal reading will be perfect for some clients. But even with normal reading clients I am predisposed to have them take a deeper look at the underlying causes of their life, rather than just say, this or that is going to work out or not. My commitment to my clients is to give them the best reading I can and what this means is the reading that can help them the most from where they are right now. Sometimes that is a normal reading and sometimes a combination of a normal and a TR.  But mostly I am focused on doing TRs. That is where my intention lies.

Once your intention is set in this manner, you may notice that you start attracting a different sort of client. I feel that the universe always responds to our deepest intentions. The clients I attract are a reflection of my truest intentions. If I am committed to my own spiritual growth, I attract clients who are ready to grow spiritually. What this means in practical terms is clients who are ready to look insides themselves and make conscious the deeper elements in their lives that are at the very root of their life situations. I am sure the same will apply to you.

Now you know what is possible in terms of readings. You have the power to help others make a huge transformation in their lives. This will come from your ability to put them in touch with deeper aspects of themselves. You will help make the unconscious conscious. In doing so, your client experiences a sense of exhilaration and freedom. They now see what they could not see and can now make choices that were unavailable to them in the past. They are transformed! And much of this is due you your assistance, %%FIRST_NAME%%.

In our next lesson, you will begin your exploration of who you are. No good reader can even begin without some self-awareness.!

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