• Nov 1, 2014
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Taylor Swift | 5 Clubs/ 7 Diamonds
December 13, 1989 5♣/7♦

By Robert Lee Camp

Taylor is the country turned pop music star whose rise to fame was stunning and quick. This birthday, which she shares with Jaimie Foxx, Ted Nugent and Tom DeLonge, is one of the most restless in the year. The first reason for this is because, of course, she is a 5♣.

The 5♣ brings such a strong desire for freedom and independence that many of them never marry, or only try it once to see what it is like (think Eminem, Woody Harrelson, Margot Kidder, Rita Hayworth, Trisha Yearwood, Kim Cattrall, Monica Lewinski, Carly Simon, Uma Thurman, and Michelle Pfeiffer).

But the December birthday has the added flavor of being a Sagittarius, a sun sign also known to value freedom very highly. Put those two together and you have someone who is much more independent than even the other 5♣ birthdays. It’s not that they do not value home and family.

The 7♦ Planetary Ruling Card has strong and fixed family values. It’s just that they may never arrive at the wedding altar, or only visit to check it out. 5♣ also have the unique distinction of having a love of secret affairs.

Thus, many of them find themselves getting involved with others who are married or otherwise unavailable. Secret is what they love.

Thus we see that Taylor’s love life is more or less a string of affairs. She has dated Joe Jonas of the Jonas brothers, Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles, John Mayer, Glee star Cory Monteith, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy and even Conor’s cousin, Patrick Schwarzenegger.

I don’t think we have even begun to scratch the surface of her love life. There have probably been numerous secret affairs that no one has heard about. It’s funny how the scandal rags talk about the guys who ditched her. I doubt anyone ditched her. It is more likely that she ditched all of them. Many of her lovers get songs written about them on her albums. I guess having one of her songs written about you might be a draw.

It is highly likely that Taylor will marry some day. I doubt it will last very long but she will probably try it, again, just to see what it is like (Fives crave new experiences). But I think in the end, Taylor will have a list of past lovers to exceed most any man alive.

Marriage seems very far off for now, but it is always a possibility. If it does happen within the next seven years, it will not be very significant for Taylor on a personal level. If it was an event that was important to her, it would show up in her cards, and it doesn’t.

Another distinctive characteristic of the 5♣ person is how so many of them come into great wealth with very little effort. It is the millionaire’s card, the 7♦, which they have in their Life Spread Jupiter position. Taylor’s career surely reflects this, and continues to do so.

There is nothing that appears to be in her way, as far as this goes. You might say she has the world by the tail and I am sure she pretty much gets whatever she wants. She is still very young and it will be interesting to see how she progresses. I would imagine more movie roles and more very smart business moves in store for her that will propel her into greater wealth and fame.

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