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Robin WilliamsRobin Williams
July 21, 1951 7♣/9♥

by Robert Lee Camp

I met Robin several times and did a reading for his now ex-wife, Marsha, a Q♣. I was curious and I asked her, “I see Robin as this happy go lucky guy who is always up. But I know 7♣ have the opposite down times too. Does Robin get very down and depressed?” She said yes, he did, and often, but only those who were close to him ever saw that.

To all his fans and to people who visited his home, he was always Mr. Super Up. This is also true of ex president Bill Clinton. Look at the bags under his eyes for clues about the down side of the 7♣. Seven is always a magical number, sitting in the middle of its suit, with one foot in the mundane world and one foot in the spiritual.

The Seven acts as a bridge between the two, and has the capacity to tap into the spiritual side where there is unlimited resources, higher knowledge and unlimited creativity.

The 7♣ in particular has a J♠ as its second Karma Card. This positive Jack expression always brings a mental gift. They also have the J♣ in Mars and the J♦ in Pluto, further evidence of mental creativity, which abounds in these people. For Robin, of course, this was expressed through comedy. And he was able to tap into a realm of continuous inspired comical information which amazed everyone. That was what he was known for. And that was his 7♣ high-side expression. And that is how we remember him.

But he was also a 9♥ and even if he wasn’t a 9♥, the 7♣ has its down side. In between periods of mental luminosity and perfection, the 7♣ person has serious bouts of depression and negativity. The 7♣ is like a pendulum that swings from one extreme to the other. On the low side they cannot see much good or happiness in anything. But the 7♣ person places a lot of value on their image.

The 8♦ first Karma Card tells us that they want to be recognized and have a shining (Sun Card) reputation. So, this down side is kept secret from the rest of the world. Only those close to them get to see this. The 9♥ also, is a card of tragedy, and especially tragedy on the emotional or relationship level. In itself it carries a somewhat dour attitude about life.

And though Robin was a famous person, his personal life was equally important to him. And as a Cancer Sun sign, his home and family held equal importance. But in these areas there were losses and separations as he struggled for happiness. Though Robin was handsome and masculine, he was also very sensitive emotionally. He never took anything lightly.

He had a potential for taking drugs since his early days on the comedy circuit. It was probably his only way out sometimes from his depression and his mind. When you think about his incredible gift, just imagine for a moment what that kind of incredibly powerful mind could do to a person when it goes the opposite direction. It was self torture on a grand scale. Rumor was that he was highly depressed just before his death. He was found dead by hanging himself.

In his cards, he has the classic death cards. He was in his Mercury period with a 9♥/5♠ in his Birth Card spread and a 9♠/2♥ in his Planetary Ruling Card spread. The 5♠ often appears at the time of death. I think in this respect it represents the last journey. It is interesting that it was a 9♥ and 5♠ together because the 9♥ is his ruling card.

Because Fives represent dissatisfaction that leads to change, it could be interpreted that the 9♥ part of himself just got fed up with his life as he was living it and decided to leave. The 9♠ in the same period under his 9♥ spread seems to say the same thing. I think it was a sudden (Mercury period) decision to just leave. It is unfortunate, in my opinion, that Robin didn’t have someone there who could have helped him through the dark period he was going through. His death, among all the deaths of famous people lately, seems to haunt us the most. He is certainly missed.

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