Your Card Science Software License

Your Card Science Software License


Please review these license conditions before ordering the desktop version of our programs. Please do not purchase our software if you are not okay and in agreement with all of the following:

1. Our programs are made for PC computers. They will not run natively on a Mac or any other kind of computers. Specifically, these will run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Mac users are able to run these programs, but only by purchasing some PC-emulation software such as Virtual PC and a copy of Windows to install with it. This adds over $200 to the cost of the programs, something to keep in mind if you are a Mac person. We can offer suggestions for you in this case but are not responsible for the technical aspects of getting your Mac set up. Please ask your Mac dealer if you need help with this.

2. To run these programs using Windows Vista, you must be willing to turn off User Account Control (UAC). Instructions for this are found on the download page after purchase.

3. To run these programs using Windows 7, you must change the icon settings after installation to be compatible with Windows XP. This avoids having to turn off User Account Control. Instructions for this are found on the download page after purchase.

4. They are not guaranteed to run on future versions of Windows. They are only guaranteed to work on the versions listed above. It is likely they will run on future versions, but we cannot guarantee that and there will be no refunds if a future version of Windows is incompatible with our programs.

5. Your license allows for installation on up to two computers, with the following restrictions.

  • You can have it on two computers at one time
  • You must own both computers and have access to them.
  • You are not allowed to give copies to friends, relatives, etc.
  • You are not allowed to share in the purchase of the software with someone else. Two or more people cannot purchase the software together and expect to both have access to it.
  • When requesting a new password when you have already been given two, you must supply an explanation of why you want more than two licenses. Just tell us why you need a new password. If a previously registered computer completely dies, please tell us.
  • If you retire a computer and purchase a new one, you must do the Unregister procedure found on the Help menu of the main program screen on the old computer before you can get a new password for a new installation. When you Unregister the program, it will give you an Exit Code, which you can submit with your request for a new password.

6. This software is not guaranteed to be 100% bug-free. Though we respond quickly to problems, and feel that there are no bugs, still some do pop up from time to time. If you think you have found one, please email us and let us know what you were doing and what happened.

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