BOD 3.5

Book of Destiny Professional Version 3.5

New Features

The Yearly Relationship Reading
The Yearly Relationship Report
The Card Information Feature
The Grand Solar Spread Display
The new Main Program Form

The Yearly Relationship Reading

Relationship Reading

Any client can have an unlimited number of Friends. And you can pick any of these and see what all the connections are between that client and his or her Friends for any given year of their life. All new interpretations have been written. With the controls on this form, it is very easy to move to different years or age,
and to pick a different friend to read up on.

The Yearly Relationship Report

The report offers even more. You can report for as many Friends as you like, for as many years as you like, all at the same time.

You can choose whether or not to use the Underlying Cards or not. As with the other reports, these can be printed, made into a PDF file or emailed to customers.
Relationship Selection Form

Below is the Cover Page for the new Yearly Relationship Report

  Report Preview

The New Show Cards Feature!

This feature allows you to quickly see all of the information about any particular Birth Card or birthday. You see it’s Birth Card, Karma Cards, Planetary Ruling Cards and the Karma Cards of the Planetary Ruling Cards. Then a list of celebrities for that birthday are displayed. You can click on any of these celebrities and have their Yearly or other Spreads displayed.

The New Show Cards Feature

See the Grand Solar Spreads for any Spread you are viewing

Now you can view the Grand Solar Array of any spread you are currently viewing on the screen. This window can remain open and will change as you change the spread you are viewing on screen. This Grand Solar display highlights all the cards in the currently displayed spread and has tool tips that appear when the mouse moves over
each card, telling you what position in the spread that card occupies. This feature is vital for anyone learning the advanced elements of this system.

The Grand Solar Spreads

This picture shows both forms open at the same time. You will need a fairly large monitor with high resolution to do this.

Both forms open at the same time

This picture displays the new Main Form, with the New Reports menu open.

New Main Form with the New Reports Menu Open

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