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There are many people who publish astrological software. For me, I wanted a program that created nice looking charts, could do transits, progressions and solar returns, had a built in Atlas of the entire planet with appropriate time zone information, etc. and one that was inexpensive. My choice was, and remains AstrolDeluxe by Halloran Software. The main calculation and chart creation program is only $169. There are interpretation add-ons you can purchase and we offer two of them for those who also want interpretations. I do my own interpretation so I actually do not use the ones they sell. But they are here and available if you like. John Halloran is a King of Clubs so you know he makes good software and runs his business with high integrity. He is my number one choice for this. And that is why I have been selling his software for the past ten years.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter™, v. 8.7 $169

This is the main calculation program. It does everything any good astrology program should do and then some. Many of it’s features I never use. If you have any question regarding what it will or will not do, send me an email ( Here are just a few of the key features I use:

  • Built-in Atlas of the World with all correct time zones, etc.
  • Does natal, transits and progressions.
  • User selectable house systems, aspect orbs, etc.
  • Uses all the planets and asteroids, you get to choose which and how many.
  • Does bi-wheel and tri-wheel charts for comparison purposes.
  • Does both composite and synastry relationship charts. I personally use synastry but some like composite charts better.
  • Prints out beautiful and clean charts with your name and business info at the bottom.
  • Unlimited number of client databases to store client chart information.
  • Does astro-cartography maps with the appropriate planetary lines for any birth chart and location.
  • Works on PCs only. This is not Mac software.

Additional Software Addons

Personal Path Professional Natal Reports $100

This is the add-on that does interpretation of the natal charts. The interpretations can be edited if desired, to customize what they say.

LifeTrends Professional Transits Reports $100

This is the add-on that interprets the transits of anyone’s chart. This is similar to the yearly reports in the Book of Destiny software, giving detailed interpretation of the astrological events in one’s life for a given period of time.

Save shipping when you order all three together
AstrolDeluxe 7.1 and Both Reporting Packages $369

Order them all at one time and save money on shipping.

When you order this software, it will be shipped directly from Halloran Software to you. He is in southern CA so you can estimate the time it will take to arrive.

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