Mercury and Venus

Mercury and Venus – Love and Communication

Astrology Class with Robert Lee Camp

This class is video recorded and available to watch and learn at your own pace.

Learn the Importance of these Two Planets in Your Natal ChartMercury and Venus – Love and Communications

This is our fourth in our astrology seminar series, and this class promises to be longer and give even more information, as we are doing two planets at once. Here are a few of the many questions that will be answered in this class:

  1. How Mercury in your chart can play a vital role in your most important relationships.
  2. What it means when Mercury is retrograde in your natal chart, and when it will go direct in your lifetime.
  3. The aspects for mental genius that is shared by many astrologers and those into the spiritual sciences.
  4. The aspects for psychic ability that are found in the natal chart.
  5. How Venus in your natal chart describes the kind of mate you prefer or are most attracted to.
  6. What is the Cinderella Aspect for love, romance and marriage?
  7. How Venus describes your sexuality.
  8. The aspects to Venus that make marriage much harder to accomplish.
  9. Which aspects for Venus tend to cause secret affairs.

This special class will be 50% longer than the past classes and the price for this class reflects that.

Mercury and Venus Course with Robert Lee Camp –
(no refundable, non exchangeable) $199

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