Mars, the God of War and Lust

Astrology Class with Robert Lee Camp

This class is video recorded and available to watch and learn at your own pace.

Learn the Importance of Mars in Your Natal ChartMars, the God of War and Lust

Mars is lust and passion. It represents our core energy and how it gets expressed in our lives. In this live webinar with Master Astrologer Robert Lee Camp, you will learn how to interpret Mars for yourself and others, and know their innermost secrets. In this live recorded webinar you will be able to watch, learn and see how Mars operates in your natal chart and the charts of others.


  • How Mars’ position, by house and sign is expressed in real life.
  • How Mars’ interaction with other planets in your chart produces both positive and negative results.
  • Which aspects  and positions for Mars give specific gifts, and specific challenges.
  • Why Mars is considered a malefic planets and how to mitigate that influence.
  • How Mars affects your choice of romantic, sexual and marriage partners, and how it is a reflection of them.
  • What happens when you have retrograde Mars at birth and what happens when it goes direct.

Mars, the God of War and Lust $149.95

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