Destiny Reports

Destiny Reports

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These reports, from our Book of Destiny and Love Cards Reporter software programs, are informative and in some cases, more informative than the books! Plus, all the information is displayed neatly for you or someone you love to use.

These new reports are now created in a web based format. You choose who to make the report for. You can print or email these reports right from your web browser. And if you email it to someone, they can do the same. There are discounts if you order more than one report at the same time.

The main advantages are:

  1. Instant delivery. No waiting. Send it to whoever you want, to as many people as you want.
  2. Easy navigation inside the view report screen. You can instantly go to any part of the report you want.
  3. Reports can be viewed on any device, phones, pads and computers.
  4. Report is stored on our server for a year. You, or anyone you send the link to can access this report anytime in that year.
  5. Can be printed or emailed from the view report page.
  6. Discounts for volume!

Book of Destiny Personal Yearly Report

Approximately 30 – 35 pages.

These reports are great for personal use or for birthday presents. Every card in your yearly spreads is laid out and described in an organized manner. Includes all the cards in your Yearly Spreads as detailed in Cards of Your Destiny including your Auspicious Events of the Year. The report will include information on two spreads, usually the Birth Card as well as your Planetary Ruling Card spreads (recommended).

To see what an actual report looks like, click prints HERE.

One Yearly Report $24.95

Two Yearly Reports $45.90 ($5 off!)

Three Yearly Reports $64.85 ($10 off!)

Five Yearly Reports $99.99

Love Cards Relationship Reports

20 – 22 pages

Going beyond even what the Love Cards book can do, these reports present a very detailed look at any two people’s relationship. Integrating the Birth, Karma and Planetary Ruling Cards, your report will describe the five to  seven most important connections between you. Names of the people involved in the relationship will appear in the text as if it is a book about the two of you. These reports make great presents and amaze those who read them with their accuracy.

With your purchase you are able to select from three different kinds of relationship reports:

  1. Intimate Relationship Report – for lovers or married people.
  2. Friends and Family Relationship Report – for family or any non-sexual relationships such as friends or acquaintances.
  3. Business Relationship Report – specifically written for those who want to explore their business potential together.

To see what a sample report looks like, click  HERE.

One Love Cards Report $24.95

Two Love Cards Relationship Reports $44.90 ($5 off!)

Three Love Cards Relationship Reports $64.95

Five Love Cards Relationship Reports $99.99

Your Personal Destiny Calendar
$29.95 for one year (12 pages plus booklet)




The Destiny Calendar is made specifically for you. It has your personal cards for each day of the year along with many other important cards from your Yearly Spreads as found in the Destiny Cards book. Some of its specific features are:

  • Twelve, 11″ by 17″ full color calendar pages printed on high quality paper and a Card Interpretation Handbook as an EBook.
  • Can start on any month you choose.
  • On each month’s page you will find your Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment and Displacement Cards for the current year.
  • On each month’s page you will find the cards for your current planetary period, along with the dates this period begins and ends.
  • If you enter a new planetary period during the current month, that will be noted on the day it begins.
  • Each day has your personal daily card and whichever day of week you were born will show you the cards that govern that entire week.
  • Full Moons and New Moons are indicated.
  • U.S. holidays are indicated, along with the equinoxes and solstices.

Printed in full color on a nice heavier stock paper. Comes with an Instruction Manual describing how to utilize it and interpret it.

Your Personal Destiny Calendar
$29.95 for one year (12 pages plus booklet)


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