Astrology Books and Instruction

Astrology Books and Instruction

When it comes to astrology books, I have sought to find books that yield information that is relevant and useful and not theoretical. Many authors of astrology books, and many of the most well-known authors, have a theoretical understanding of astrology but no real in-depth understanding.  Some of them even offer information that is completely inaccurate and misleading. This makes it hard for those new to astrology to get information that can actually help their progress. The following are books that I personally received great information from regarding astrology. Astrology usually takes a long time to learn. It helps to know which books to start with first. Here are my picks.

Astrology Plus by HilarionAstrology Plus by Hilarion

We cannot get copies of this book any more because it is out of print. But if you can find a copy, this is what I consider the best book on astrology ever published. I personally never understood what astrology was until I read this book. Find one if you can!

Astrologer’s Handbook $16.00

by Frances Sakoian & Louis Acker 462 Pages

I referred to this book for years as I did readings for people. It has a complete reference – interpretations for all the planets in each house and sign as well as all the major aspects between these planets and what they mean. It also has a good introduction for beginners that explains some of the fundamentals of reading a chart.

Lunar Nodes $9.95

by Mohan Koparkar

A hard to find book that is somewhat hard to read because of the author’s English. Nonetheless, it does provide a lot of very unique and interesting insight into the moon’s nodes that you will not find anywhere else. And this information is very accurate! Also has information on how to use the nodes to determine important past-life connections in relationship comparisons.

Retrogrades $9.95

by Mohan Koparkar

Mohan’s books, if you can find them, offer unique and accurate information about astrology. This book is his perspective on Retrograde planets and their effects. I think every practicing or student astrologer should be up on Mohan Koparkar’s take on things and this book is no exception!

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