Inside the Meaning of the Cards

Intermediate Level Courses


Inside the Meaning of the Cards
Exploring the Card Interpretations In-Depth

These two courses, comprising ten hours total, give you an in-depth look at card meanings. Each card in deck is discussed, giving you a resource that you can refer to again and again to further your card understanding.

Part One:
The Yearly and Life Spread Cards $149.95

This four hour class takes an in-depth look at cards as they appear in your Yearly Spreads and Life Spreads, but mostly on the Yearly Spreads. This class has numerous examples to illustrate how certain cards, and card combinations show up in real life examples. You will gain a much better handle on interpreting your Yearly Spreads and those of others by watching this.

Part Two:
The Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards $199.95

The second part is longer, six hours total. In it, Robert Lee Camp discusses each of the 53 Birth Cards, and often their accompanying Planetary Ruling Cards. He shares with you some of his experience with these cards and the unique traits and personal and professional issues they have. Numerous examples and illustrations are used. You will learn more about yourself and about the other people in your life as well as how to look at a Life Spread and Karma Cards to pinpoint particular issues and traits in individual cards.

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