Advanced Level Courses

Advanced Level Courses

NEW! The Mastery of Card Science – Your Initiation into the Mystic Science of the Cards

Includes four hours of instruction and the Advanced Oracle Workbook.

This is our latest version of our advanced card science course with new material and higher quality video and audio. After you have taken this course, you can take a deck of cards and can create the entire system of the cards of your destiny on your own. This course introduces you to the ancient and original method of doing the cards, which gives you at least three times as much information about the cycles of your life or those of your friends, associates and clients. Learn how to find all this additional information, and how to use it!

Using the Cards for Personal and Professional Planning

In this in-depth course, you can learn how to apply your card knowledge to having an ongoing understanding of your life’s path, both personal, professional and spiritual. This course is ideal for those who wish you use the cards for business success, planning and taking advantage of positive influences in all areas of life.

NEW! Achieving Business and Financial Success Using the Cards and Astrology

Learn how the Cards and Astrology can be a huge asset in creating a future of financial wealth and prosperity. A 3 hour, 45 minute course will teach you everything you know to plan, and create your financial future! This course requires minimal astrological knowledge.

Your Year of the Mystic Triangle

The Year of the Mystic Triangle initiates the most important nine years of life. It begins with a year, called the year of the Mystic Triangle, where a life changing decision is made, often one that causes us to embark on something entirely new. It proceeds to the Ascent to the Pinnacle, the Pinnacle Year and the Most Blessed Year. This extremely important cycle affects nearly all cards at certain times.

The Law of Fives

Come learn the secret of the Law of Fives with Robert Lee Camp. Learn how to find more information about every period of your year from a just discovered secret hidden in the Grand Solar Spreads. This class can benefit students on all levels. Also, watch as Robert performs personal readings and answers questions from the 20 participants.

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