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Welcome to our Products and Services! Here you can learn everything you want about the amazing system that Love Cards and Cards of Your Destiny are based upon. We offer products from the beginner to advanced levels that will teach you all the intricacies of this system. You can even become a professional reader. Use the links to the left to access the different areas of products and services that we offer.

Learning Steps

Below is the recommended flow to follow if you want to learn this system at an optimum rate and receive a full education in this amazing science.

1. Starting Out

Start out with the Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards books. It doesn’t really matter which one you read first, just choose one and get started. You will eventually want to read them both as they each provide one half of this system.

2. Moving in the Intermediate Level

Once you start reading Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards, you will find that what you really want to do is learn how to interpret the cards better. This is where the intermediate level items come in. Here you will find The Intermediate Video CD workshop, the Perfection of Card Knowledge tapes and the Science of Numbers book. But also here you will find all the Visions Volumes which contain all the past articles published in The Voice of Seven Thunders newsletter and a few other items that can help you learn more at this level.

3. The Advanced and Mastery Level

Once you feel confident in interpreting the cards you are ready to move on to the advanced level of card knowledge. Here you learn the ancient methods originally taught to Robert Lee Camp nearly twenty years ago. The ancient methods are more complex but yield much more information as well. Here you can also learn more about how to do a professional reading for a client. To help you we offer The Mastery Seminar on Tape and Exploring the Little Book of the Seven Thunders. We also offer the books by Olney Richmond, the first person to make this system public.

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