AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter™, v. 8.7


This is the main calculation program. It does everything any good astrology program should do and then some. Many of it’s features I never use. If you have any question regarding what it will or will not do, send me an email ( Here are just a few of the key features I use:

  • Built-in Atlas of the World with all correct time zones, etc.
  • Does natal, transits and progressions.
  • User selectable house systems, aspect orbs, etc.
  • Uses all the planets and asteroids, you get to choose which and how many.
  • Does bi-wheel and tri-wheel charts for comparison purposes.
  • Does both composite and synastry relationship charts. I personally use synastry but some like composite charts better.
  • Prints out beautiful and clean charts with your name and business info at the bottom.
  • Unlimited number of client databases to store client chart information.
  • Does astro-cartography maps with the appropriate planetary lines for any birth chart and location.
  • Works on PCs only. This is not Mac software.
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