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  • Business and Financial Success Using the Cards and Astrology

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    The Cards and Astrology can be very useful to those in pursuit of business and financial success. And it is not difficult to learn what you need to know to take advantage of what these mystic sciences have to offer you. In this course I want to give you the tools you need to become more successful in business and in just having more money in general, using all the secrets and techniques that have contributed to my own success.

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  • How to Create the Perfect Relationship Using the Cards as Your Guide

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    Having a good, great or fantastic relationship is one of the key foundations of life. Though not all require it, most must find their perfect partner, in order to give structure and meaning to their life. If you are someone who is still searching, wondering, experimenting and are still not completely fulfilled, this course is designed to lead you to the understanding and realization of your dream of a perfect mate.

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  • The Mastery of Card Science

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    This is our latest version of our advanced card science course with new material and higher quality video and audio. After you have taken this course, you can take a deck of cards and can create the entire system of the cards of your destiny on your own. This course introduces you to the ancient and original method of doing the cards, which gives you at least three times as much information about the cycles of your life or those of your friends, associates and clients.

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  • Your Decanate Ruling Card

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    The Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards books teach you how to utilize your Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card for all types of readings. But there is third kind of ruling card that is just as important as these two, and we guarantee that if you know what it is, you will have greater accuracy in all your readings, knowing this third kind of ‘personal significator.’ This is especially good news for Leo sun signs since they have no separate Planetary Ruling Card. Most Leos will now have a second card, that is just as important as their Birth Card in their readings.

    This short course will take you step by step through the process of finding anyone’s Decanate Ruler. It will show where to find the resources you need so that you can find anyone’s DR Card in a matter of minutes. Robert will explain to you just how significant it is and why you should be using it in all your readings, for yourself and others.

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