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Benedict and Sophie

Benedict – 9♣/J♥ July 19, 1976
Sophie 7♦/K♦ March 16, 1978

By Robert Lee Camp

The cards really can reveal the karmic pattern we are born under. And a thorough study of these patterns does help one predict the future, as in marriages and other affairs. Understanding the basic nature of an individual gives us the knowledge required to peer into his or her destiny and be able to make a pretty good prediction about what their future may entail.

In the case Mr. Cumberbatch, we know that he is a 9♣ and a J♥, and here we are discussing his potential for marriage and commitment. His career is obviously going very well so no need to comment about that. 9♣ men are known to be players with a huge sexual appetite. Most of them are known to have ‘dated’ many women and to keep their options open. And I am talking about celebrity 9♣ men here. Most do not marry, at least not until the later years of their life. And most are known to have karmic relationships with 6♦ ladies. 9♣ women likewise have karmic relationships with 6♦ men.

Benedict had one of these that lasted 12 years, with Olivia Poulet, an English actress and screenwriter. Benedict’s J♥ actually brings more marriage-ability to his birthday and does help him stay in relationships longer than your average 9♣ male. J♥ have a strong sense of loyalty to family and partners.

It reflects strong ties to family, which includes the expectations of parents and the desire to be a good husband, or person, when it comes to marriage and love. So, we see that Benedict has both these traits in abundance. The question is, which will win out in the end?

It was in 2010 that Benedict started being noticed all over the world, for his role as Sherlock Holmes in the television series Sherlock. It was as his fame began increasing exponentially that he broke up with Olivia, and began exploring his options. He is obviously aware now that he can choose from among a much larger stable of women for sex or marriage.

It has been noticed by me that many actors ‘trade up’ several times when their fame explodes. It is actually a natural process. Often the woman they were married to or dating is not internally prepared to be with a man who is so famous. So, the man must seek a woman who is comfortable with being famous, or at least being the partner to a famous man. Now Benedict is known world-wide and is adored and desired by millions of women. What kind of woman could handle that?

Enter Sophie Hunter. I do not know the full story but it seems to me that Benedict must have known her from before. Perhaps he has liked her for a long time. All that is known is that they seemed to have met in 2009, before he left Olivia. Sophie, being a double-Diamond, is a very strong woman. And being a 7♦ Birth Card, she shares many of the family and love points of view as Benedict’s J♥.

Both the 7♦ and J♥ place high value on family and marriage. Benedict is both Venus and Mars to her 7♦, great connections for marriage. And she is both Jupiter to his 9♣ and Saturn to his J♥. Her K♦ and the fact that she is a double-Diamond may cause problems in any relationship. She likely looks at most things from that Diamond, value point of view, which always asks, ‘Do I want this?’ and “Is it worth it?’ And the K♦ can be so strong and so selfishly directed to what they want that they can seem mercenary.

The fact that this K♦ is Saturn to Benedict’s J♥ adds several wrinkles to their relationship. She could assume the role of business manager for him as she would want what she wants, and he is the means for what she wants. It is doubtful that she will ever achieve his level of fame, so any greater desires she may have will come through him.

And this same K♦ is Jupiter to Benedict’s 9♣ so in fact she could be very helpful in helping him achieve more success. The only problem is that Saturn can often be very pessimistic towards its recipient. Saturn connections like this are not normally recommended for any relationship.

Astrologically Benedict and Sophie are in very compatible signs, Cancer and Pisces, and born very close to the same time of the month. This makes for a trine aspect between their Suns, which is very favorable for compatibility. That one aspect adds a lot to their feeling of mutual ease in being together.

The big question I have is first, ‘Will they get married?’ Engagements without marriage dates are highly suspicious. And looking in their cards, there are very few indications of marriage in the coming years. There are potential baby cards there, more than marriage. But we must keep in mind that 9♣ are not really looking for marriage in relationships. They are seeking the perfect love affair.

Benedict’s Long Range card this year is the 2♥, so he is experiencing that right now. Marriage for 9♣ is always just an expression of that desire for the perfect lover, not for having children and raising a family. They tolerate the rest for the sake of the love affair. This would be different for Sophie, whose cards are much more consistently family oriented. I would think that she is very clear about what she wants. It is Benedict who may be in question.

So, it remains to be seen whether or not they will actually tie the knot. If they do get married, and there are some minor indications of this, then it will remain to be seen whether Benedict with all his fame, can resist the temptation to have sex with other women. As long as things go well between them, I think he will.

But if the relationship has some serious friction, what will he do then? Sophie is Saturn to him in his yearly spreads for the next two years. Will that be a constructive Saturn or one that causes distance between them? They have no Moon connections so both will have a hand in what happens next.

The cards only say that whatever happens between them, it will actually affect Sophie more than Benedict. There are a lot more Heart cards in her spreads and indications of marriage and having a child. But again, Benedict is on the rise and sometimes a second ‘trade up’ occurs, or the decision to just be a perpetual playboy.

Recently someone named Benedict’s female fans ‘Cumberbitches’ and pointed out how disappointed they all must be to discover that he is now out of circulation. It may be somewhat good news to know that his marriage is not definite yet. He may be one of the world’s most eligible bachelors yet again!

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