• Dec 11, 2013
  • Robert Lee Camp

Loves of Miley CyrusBorn: November 23, 1992
by Robert Lee Camp

It is interesting that many of the cards in the Jupiter line of the Grand Solar Spread have a lot of selfishness to account for. This is because this line contains two Tens and two Aces. And if you are one of these Tens, the 10♥ or 10♦, you are already self-absorbed by your number. But in addition, you have the two Aces, the A♥ and A♦ in your Life Spread.
This further augments the self-interested nature of these cards. Selfishness itself is nothing more than a stage of our development. Like the first sign in the Zodiac, Aries, the Tens and Aces have to learn a lot about self-love and self-understanding in this lifetime, mostly by exploring their own personal desires and ambitions.
Miley is both the 10♥ Birth Card and the A♦ Planetary Ruling Card. Her own interests will always trump the interests of any love relationship. The 10♥ might be one of the most selfish cards in the deck because it has the 10♦ in Mercury and the two Aces in Mars and Jupiter. That is sort of like a quadruple influence of Ace energy. This definitely affects their relationships, both their choices and the dynamics of their relationships.

Miley is still quite young. It is very possible that she will marry someday. But I would be willing to bet two things about any marriage she has. First, her interest in the marriage will be for the publicity it gets her. She will use the marriage to keep the public’s eyes on her. Probably Miley’s biggest fear at this point in her life would be to be forgotten or ignored by the public. She might get married just because public interest in her is waning. That is not happening currently. She is still one of the most popular people in America and has trumped every competitor in this area for more than a year. But perhaps in a year or two, when this popularity starts to diminish, we will see her get married, to stir up the public’s interest in her again.
The second thing I would predict about her marriage would be that it will not last long. The A♦ card has somewhat of a curse on it, relationship-wise. When they are married, their career suffers and vice-versa. Once married, I predict that Miley will see that though getting married definitely got the public interested in her, being married would take away from her career in ways that she did not expect. And when faced with the choice, A♦ always end up choosing career. This means bye-bye to marriage. It is possible for A♦ to have both, but usually this only happens after a few failed attempts.

I am mentioning all of this because Miley does have some marriage cards coming in her future, actually in the next couple of years. So, the possibility will definitely present itself. But who will she marry?

Miley and Nick Jonas (September 16, 1992, 8♣/6♦)

It is likely that Nick fell for Miley in a big way because she is his Neptune Card (dream card). But Nick’s personality, being the fixed 8♣, just didn’t suit her. Also, their first connection was Mars, Miley is Mars to Nick, so I am certain that her behavior angered him. Once angered, he would seek to control Miley, to have her conform to the fantasy she inspired in him. It is typical for Eights to control others, but the desire to make her fit into his dream was all the doing of Neptune. Of course, Miley rebelled, and as many Sagittarian’s do, said, ‘I’m out of here!’ Miley was quoted as saying, “I’ve got to be by myself for now, and just figure out who I really am.”

Miley and Justin Gaston (August 12, 1988, A♦)

Justin being the same as Miley’s Planetary Ruling Card was actually a fairly good match. However, there was a big difference in their status level, professionally speaking. Justin is a very handsome underwear model and musician. I do not know exactly why they broke up but I bet their difference in status had a lot to do with it. Miley was continuing to go up, up, up, and Justin was going nowhere.

Miley and Joshua Bowman (March 4, 1988 6♠/Q♣)

This was just a quick fling, nothing serious. It is interesting to note that Joshua was the first guy Miley dated that she was Moon to. Joshua is one of the lead characters on the Revenge television series.

Miley and Liam Hemsworth (January 13, 1990 A♠/9♣)

Liam (Hunger Games), younger brother of Chris Hemsworth, has been on and off with Miley since 2008. And he appears to be the guy she always goes back to. And they are currently together. This is the guy most likely to marry Miley. Miley’s marriage cards are after her next birthday, in 2015, so this is a lot of time for more changes, breakups, etc. Nothing is guaranteed here. But Liam’s cards do appear with her marriage cards that year, and given their past history, and the fact that Liam is still very popular, there is a good chance it could be him. Their main connections are Venus in the Spiritual Spread (past-life love) and Mars. I am sure the sex is good and that there is love between them. Both are also Aces and very ambitious. It might be a good move for both of them to get married.


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