• Nov 19, 2012
  • Robert Lee Camp

Learn to do your own Destiny Card readings.

Discover your own Personal Destiny – from Beginner to Mastery Level

  1. To begin with.
  2. To learn the prediction aspect faster.
  3. Mastering the art of interpretation.
  4. Moving into the advanced stages.
  5. The Professional Level.
  6. Certification and Support

Cards of Your DestinyThere is a lot that you can learn from this system, both about your life from a broader perspective and about the yearly, seven year, 52-day and other cycles that govern your life and give specific and timely information. Most anyone can become a master at using this system by using it for one year.

Many people have become professional readers within 2-3 weeks of reading The Cards of Your Destiny, but a level of mastery comes after using it for one year and paying close attention to your cards and what happens to you. Below are some things that I have found helps anyone learn this system faster. I will also point out where to start and where to go for more advanced study.

To Begin with: You can choose to learn more about your Birth Card and relationships by using the book, Love Cards, or learn how to do predictions for yourself and others using The Cards of Your Destiny, or as most people do, you can do both at the same time. Both of these books are entry level texts that lead you step by step through doing your first readings. These books are very powerful and will give you tremendous information about yourself, your family members, people you have been or are in love with, or anyone you choose to study.

To Learn the Prediction aspect faster: I have two important suggestions. First do your Weekly Readings consistently. Chapter Six in The Cards of Your Destiny tells how to do this reading and experience has shown that this technique, while providing you with unique insights on a daily and weekly basis, will also help you learn the art of doing a reading faster than almost anything else. Each week you have new cards to read and new experiences which you can compare with the cards in your spread. I cannot stress the importance of this too much. Along these lines, you may want to purchase a copy of The Weekly Reading Workbook. This book takes over where The Cards of Your Destiny leaves off and gives you some advanced techniques to apply to this weekly ritual and learning process.

The next suggestion is to do as many readings as you can for others. Whether you do them for free or charge for them, doing personal readings, where you have to get down and strive to understand the card meanings, is the very best and fastest way to learn the cards. Like me, you may make a lot of mistakes in the beginning. But I learned so quickly that others could not believe it.

Mastering the Art of Interpretation: One of the first areas that my students tell me they need help after getting Destiny Cards book is to understand how to interpret the cards better. There are some chapters and sections in that book that are meant to steer you in the right direction, but more is often needed. How do you combine two cards together to synthesize the events in one particular period of the year? What cards are the most important? How do you quickly find cards for different important events such as marriage, financial success, legal affairs, health, work and the like? How do you distinguish between the Birth Card spreads and the Personality Card spreads? What are some of the essential qualities of each card that I could memorize that would make it easier for me to come up with the right interpretation? These and many other important questions are addressed in The Intermediate Workshop. This seminar is one that you can watch over and over again to help you fine tune your readings. It includes advanced discoveries that will give you an inside edge with your readings. You can also benefit from a book called The Science of Numbers where he discusses each of the card numbers from the Ace to the King and tells the underlying reasons why each number has the meaning that it does. The Science of Numbers book. is available in our catalog.

Moving into the Advanced Stages: Once you have mastered using Destiny Cards and Love Cards, you are ready for what I call the Initiation into the Mystic Science of the Cards. All of the information in these first two books is derived from the Grand Solar Spreads but the way in which this information is derived is complex enough that most beginner students would be put off by it. However, those who want to truly understand this system and delve into the intricate details of how it works will want to make the journey into reading these Grand Solar Spreads because so much more important information becomes available. We offer several resources related to this level of information, the first of which is The Advanced Oracle Workbook, which can be purchased separately or is included in our The Advanced Card Training Class.

The Advanced Oracle Workbook and/or The Little Book of the Seven Thunders introduces you to the Grand Solar Spreads and teaches you how the Yearly Spreads found in The Cards of Your Destiny book were derived from them. It shows you how to look up all the cards in these Yearly Spreads yourself and then goes further to show you how to find the Environment and Displacement Cards which offer critical information about any given year of your life that is not found in The Cards of Your Destiny’s layouts. The Advanced Card Training Class goes even further, with two, 90-minute cassettes of instruction and information that is key to understanding this level of card reading. It also has complete instructions on how to perform a professional reading along with a six-week correspondence course that if completed will earn you a certificate as a Reader of Card Science.

The Professional Level: After studying the Advanced Oracle Workbook and and training DVDs you will be ready for the final level of instruction and information that we have to offer. This is where you learn not only the most advanced aspects of the Book of Destiny system, but also how to apply this information in order to effect personal and professional transformation in both you and your clients. We have one course, a new one, called The Art of Transformational Card Reading, which will give you everything you need to proceed as a professional reader.

Certification and Support

For those who want to receive certification from Robert Lee Camp, you can consider membership in the Magi Fellowship. Feel free to read about it and inquire.

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