• Jan 2, 2014
  • Robert Lee Camp

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort
Born July 6, 1962 9♦/J♣

by Robert Lee Camp

In the life of any 9♦, enough is never really enough to satisfy. They have the misfortune of being born with the past-life habit to see life as never meeting up with their expectations. This comes from a past life of having had everything, and not appreciating it. They arrive here and even early on in life we see them being very hard to please. It is as if they are saying, “Ok, I am here, but where are my servants? Where is my yacht?”
If you take this basic attitude and add a dash of J♣ to it, it is easy to see how a thief can be born. The J♣ is one of the most creative, clever and crafty cards in the deck.
They often have photographic memories and can remember every lie they told people so as to make sure they do not contradict themselves in their future lies. And all the Jacks have this innate resourcefulness that feeds them with continual good ideas and solutions to problems.
Nines also have a strong Neptune energy and it is common for them to be attracted to drugs and alcohol as a means of escape. 9♦ are often cry-babies. Life has treated them completely unfairly, it is they that are the victims, at least if you ask their opinion.
Jordan Belfort is one such 9♦/J♣, nearly a classic example, who has become famous for his crimes and the story of his crimes. In the 1990’s he set up a company that successfully and repeatedly performed what is called a ‘pump and dump’ scheme.
Basically they would find a low value stock, purchase a large sum of it at a cheap price, and then use a ‘boiler room’ of nearly a thousand telemarketers to get others to purchase the stock, driving the price up. As soon as the price reached a desirable level, they would sell their majority shares for a huge profit, and watch as the price tumbled and all the investors that they talked into purchasing it lose their money.
If it were not for his heavy drug and alcohol use, he may not have been caught as soon as he was. In 1998 he was convicted and ordered to jail (short term) and to repay his investors $110 million, which was about half of what they lost. Wow, so crime does pay! To this day, Mr. Belfort has repaid less than $15 million of what he owes and complaints have been issued.
Now his life story is being brought to the big screen with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the lead role. The Wolf of Wall Street is sure to be a hit. And he is certain to make a lot of money from his book from which the movie was made. Isn’t is sort of amazing how people in the world today can become successful and rich from doing terrible things to others?

Anyway, Jordan is not out of the woods just yet. This year in fact he has some very difficult cards coming up in his Saturn period which begins on January 31, 2014. This period is only 52 days long but some personal and important loss will occur in his life. And looking ahead I see future negative karmic events occurring in his life. There are still more lessons to learn.
I don’t really think Jordan has changed, even after his stay in prison. And I expect he will keep trying to avoid paying back the investors he swindled. He has, by the way, been doing motivational speaking since his days in prison. He now calls himself, “a corporate trainer and wealth building strategist.” I wonder what he is teaching?
Could he be teaching others how to duplicate his success, how to steal over $200 million dollars and only have to pay back half? Sounds like a success plan to me! I think in Jordan’s particular case that karma will not completely let him go. I predict success in his future, but matching failures and having to pay restitution for his past deeds. Even though one may achieve fame and money, no one escapes karma forever.

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