• Jul 24, 2008
  • Robert Lee Camp

The Dark KnightI got a funny feeling about this movie before it was released. The name Dark Knight, the dark and foreboding trailers and the death of Heath Ledger all gave a sort of creepiness to the movie. I am a devoted science fiction guy and generally never miss a movie so I was going to see it anyway.

I saw it just a few days ago. Funny but just before that, I had listened to an Eckhart Tolle video on YouTube where someone asked him if violent movies activated the ‘pain body.’ His response was that pain bodies make violent films and that pain bodies watch violent films. He also indicated that the popularity of such violent films essentially mirrors the general state of consciousness in the world today. I reflected on this for myself. My ego has an identification with being a warrior type guy. I am competitive, I like playing video games where I compete against the computer or other players, I also enjoy playing billiards competitively. I usually will only compete in something where I at least have a chance of winning. An ego like mine gets very threatened when it loses. So, I also watch war films, warrior films and I love science fiction and comic book movies, for the most part.

I didn’t care much for the Dark Knight though. I never really was a batman fan to begin with but I did enjoy previous batman movies. I also have enjoyed Christian Bale in other movies and I respect him as an actor. It is interesting that he spent 4-5 hours in jail the day of the screening of The Dark Knight in London for supposedly assaulting his mother and sister. Charges were dropped but I would bet that he really did do that. Or should I say, his pain body did it.

The Dark Knight was a little too much pain body for my liking. It is dark and menacing throughout with very few moments of light or truth. The story line has holes that never get filled and we never really know why certain things happen the way they do. But overall I would just say that it is a depressing and violent movie. I like movies where the good guy beats the bad guy and gets the girl in the end. None of this really happens in this movie. There is no closure or completion, no happy ending. It ends pretty much the way it starts, with no chance for salvation and no hope for the future. I suppose I don’t like this because I don’t want to see my own life this way. I want to believe that there is always going to be a happy ending, not only to my life but to the lives of others.

Having said all of this, this movie broke the all time box office figures on its opening weekend. In the theater where I watched it, everyone applauded at the end of the movie, well not everyone because I didn’t. But a lot did. This movie is perfect for today’s society. It is a reflection of our consciousness at this moment in history. The dark and foreboding essence that this movie conveys must really hit a chord in many of us today. Maybe there is no hope for the future. Perhaps this movie is showing us just how many of us feel today in this world dominated by violence and injustice.

It was interesting for me to see that I have limits of liking violence. I also see that I do not like so much darkness in any movie and that I insist on movies with happy endings. All of this is food for reflection and self-understanding. And I was never a DC comic guy, always a Marvel comic follower, ever since I was eight years old!

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