• Dec 21, 2008
  • Robert Lee Camp

Barack and Michelle Obama
Barack Obama – August 4th, 1961 9 of Diamonds
Michelle Obama – January 17, 1964 10 of Diamonds/ 5 of Hearts

Barack and Michelle make a great couple. And anyone who has seen them together can see the compatibility. Michelle is a very strong woman. You can see it in her face and stature. She is no pushover. And of course Barack is no quitter either. All Leos are capable of fighting when needed. They say that neither Leos, Taurus’ or Scorpios will back down from a fight when necessary. And these are three of the four fixed signs in astrology.

Michelle, however is a Capricorn, a 10 of Diamonds. As much as anything else, I am sure that she craves the spotlight and how better for a woman to get in the spotlight than to be the president’s wife?  Ask Hilary Clinton about that.  But when we compare Hilary and Bill with Barack and Michelle we find one important difference. And that is that Barack is the Moon card to Michelle. In other words, she is the assigned leader of their relationship. And this has a lot of meaning.

This is not surprising that Barack married a woman that he is Moon to. His mother, Anne Dunham, was also a powerful woman, a Sagittarian 4 of Hearts/6 of Clubs, born 11/29/1942. It is common for men who have powerful mothers to become what is known as ‘momma’s boys.’ And in turn, momma’s boys go on to marry women  like their mother. It is also common for momma’s boys to marry women they are moon to, as in the case of Barack.

On one level, we can say that her relationship with Barack will give her a once in a lifetime opportunity to further her agenda, whatever that may be. I think that Barack does depend on her a lot for counsel and suggestions. The sun card, in this case, Michelle, always has good ideas and new directions for the Moon card person. And this is a really good thing. It would not surprise me if we start to see Michelle play a stronger role than most president’s wives of the past. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who is Bill’s Moon card, MIchelle can take the lead if she wants.

It will be an interesting four years to say the least. And most of all I will be watching with interest to see how Michelle and Barack’s relationship plays out in the near future.

Robert Lee Camp

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