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Here I have a place to share my thoughts, stories, and ideas with anyone who is interested. There may be many topics as time goes by. I am starting with some of my recent thoughts and experiences. I may write sometimes about the Science of the Cards. But in general you will just read about things and experiences that I think are important. I hope you enjoy reading these and feel free to send me feedback or comments.

Robert Lee Camp

Articles and other useful information:

There are more articles to come! Check back soon!

Michael Jordan & Yvette Prieto

Michael: February 17, 1963 8♦ /5♣ Yvette: March 1, 1979 9♠ /J♠ Married on April 27, 2013 Announced...
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Jordan Belfort – the Real Wolf of Wall Street

Born July 6, 1962 9♦/J♣ by Robert Lee Camp In the life of any 9♦, enough is never...
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The Many Loves of Miley Cyrus

Born: November 23, 1992   by Robert Lee Camp It is interesting that many of the cards in...
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Miley Cyrus and the Hunger for People’s Attention

Born: November 23, 1992   by Robert Lee Camp Miley has been in the news a lot lately,...
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What is your card?

What’s Your Card?

How many people have ever stopped to wonder about our deck of common playing cards? There are many...
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Learn How to Read Your Destiny!

Learn to do your own Destiny Card readings. Discover your own Personal Destiny – from Beginner to Mastery...
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The Fabled Book of Destiny

About the Book of Destiny

The fabled Book of Destiny has been discovered! How would you like to have a reliable source of...
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Olney H. Richmond

The Writings of Olney H. Richmond

Published Interviews with Olney Richmond Taken from the book Temple Lectures, we present some of the fascinating words...
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A Mystic Temple

A Mystic Temple Visit of a reporter to the Grand Temple of the Magi He interviews Prof. Richmond,...
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Magical Wonders

Magical Wonders Another visit to the Temple Explanations of Cards – Their ancient origin and uses On the...
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If I Were King

I really don’t know if voicing my opinion about today’s world would be a meaningful thing to do,...
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The War on Fear

So, now our country is scared. It didn’t take much when you think about it. 20 or so...
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The Tragedy

I was at the airport in Charlotte, NC yesterday when the tragedy occurred. I was just about ready...
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My Journey to India

India is an experience, an intense experience. No one who visits there is unaffected. Many feel an overpowering...
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Let’s Get Some Perspective Here

Maybe it is because it is the turn of the new century and the beginning of the Aquarian...
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When Worlds Collide

For each of us, there are two worlds that we live in. First there is our personal world,...
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What Clubs Don’t Know

From a person who is all Diamond, I look at the Clubs people I meet and have to...
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The Law of Intention

Its not what we do, its why we do it. Its not what we want, but why we...
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The Law of Attraction

In this world there are myriads of possible realities that we can live in. Our world is all...
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Reality and Faith

Those acts and events that we perceive as unfortunate are in fact divinely guided and orchestrated. It is...
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