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Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle: 4/8/1974 (K♦/2♦) – 2/2/2013
Wife Taya Kyle: 9/4/1974 7♦/5♠
Alleged Killer Eddie Ray Routh:
12/28/1981 3♥/3♦

by Robert Lee Camp

Chris Kyle, for whom the American Sniper movie was made, was the K♦ Birth Card, the infamous one-eyed King of the deck. He was powerful for sure and his 2♦ Planetary Ruling Card also helped him achieve his goals.

The 2♦ is extremely smart and smart, a master of precision and application of formula. By his own words to his wife, he was born ‘to be a warrior’, and his Sun Sign, Aries, is the natural warrior being governed by the planet of war, Mars.

Aries is also the sign of courage. If anything, Aries people go into situations blindly that others would take caution approaching. This factor may have had some part in his death at a shooting range at the hands of another vet whom he was helping. I don’t think he ever saw it coming.

Taya, Chris’s wife, is a 7♦/5♠. Chris was her direct Neptune Card. She had found the man of her dreams. And the Neptune connection can sustain a relationship for more than a lifetime. During Chris’s four combat tours there were times when they nearly broke up. But she stayed in the end, a testament to the power of the Neptune connection.

One thing that is often over looked about any and all K♦ people is that they are the best at getting what they want. Their ‘one-eye blind’ allows them to pursue their goals with determination and little distraction. They can ignore anything or anyone that stands in the way of their goals. Apparently Chris wanted to be the best sniper America has ever seen. He has 160 confirmed kills but could have as many as 255. Performing four tours in Iraq, there is no doubt that Chris saved hundreds of lives.

But there was this other side to Chris, the side that liked to tell stories. Some have questioned his accounts, both in the war and after he retired. And this is interesting. It appears he liked to embellish his own reputation. And interesting enough, this is a trait often associated with the 2♦, his Planetary Ruling Card.

Chris was even successfully sued by Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota governor, for $1.8 million. Unfortunate for Chris, Jesse Ventura is a K♣, who are masters of legal things. The evidence was gathered and a jury found against him. It is common for all Kings to get a little full of themselves from time to time.

They do feel that they are here to lead and that most of the rest of the world are just their admirers and followers. These traits get exaggerated when one becomes famous. And a careless word in the right situation has brought down many a man and woman. There were many other stories that Chris told, in the media, for which no evidence can be found.

Chris’ Death

The trial for Chris death is to happen in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps soon we will know the motive for his shooting. What we do know is that Eddie Ray Routh is a double Three, the 3♥ and 3♦. More psychological problems are attributed to Threes than any other number in the deck. Apparently Eddie Ray was suffering from PTSD and that will likely play a huge role in his defense.

Looking at Chris’s cards, we do not see death cards at all during that period of his life or that day. But we do see a 9♠ displacement card for the year. This powerful card of endings, and possible death, foreshadowed some significant endings for Chris that year.

The 9♠ displacement means literally that it is time to end some things that have been hanging around for a long time. It does not imply some sort of Karma that must be repaid, just that a chapter has ended and must be let go. The fact that Chris had no death cards at his time of death just tells me that he never saw it coming. When one has the 9♠ displacement, there is a sense, if one is aware, that important parts of our life must end. But the average person would not be aware enough to make this conscious.

It is very hard to know Eddie Ray’s motive. It is possible that he did it for fame. Though we may never know, it has certainly brought him fame. Or he might just have been insane. Perhaps soon we will know. What is interesting is that now his trial is starting, both his Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Cards have Nines for their displacement cards this year, the 9♣ and 9♠. This could be the timing and Karma of his act coming to fruition, just as it did for Chris Kyle.

Chris Kyle was a hero on many levels, but he was also a man with faults and problems just like everyone else. Fame magnifies everything about a person’s life, both their good and bad. And Chris became quite famous. Now, with a hit movie about his life, his life has been even more glamorized than before. Perhaps we will never really know Chris, the Legend, but only know the legendary tales that surround him.

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