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Robert Lee Camp
Oct 16, 2015

Ultimately, the person elected to office is a fair representation of the people he or she governs. In other words you are probably not going to see a president any time soon who embodies more than the Nascar/Championship Wrestling crowd that dominates our country. But we have minority groups growing in size enough to impact elections.

Minorities are no longer minorities. So, it comes as no surprise that we have some very strange characters competing for top job this year. And it looks more and more like a comic book story with colorful superhero types spicing up the otherwise repetitious and boring elections. Who is popular now is more a function of what is popular now in our media. And what is popular most now is reality TV shows where people fight and get mad at each other. We just love our drama.

Whenever I watch a football game, even though I never watch football games, I always choose a side to root for. I think this is just human nature. If we want to enjoy any competition we need to identify with one side or the other. The same holds for these elections. Most people have, by now, decided on who they want to win. There could be many reasons for that decision, or no reason at all.

I am just going to take a light look at the more interesting forerunners here with the cards. I have made no personal choice about who I would want to see win. I don’t really think it matters and it certainly doesn’t matter to me. But it can be a fun game to engage in. At this point in the drama, no one is close to touching either Trump or Hillary. That is something to keep in mind as you read these.

Jeb Bush – Feb 11, 1953 A♠ / 9♠

Jeb here is one of three people wanting to capitalize on their family name to gain an edge in the competition. And like his father and brother, he is a Republican. He has the advantage of the Spanish-speaking vote because he has a Mexican wife and he speaks Spanish fluently. He is a powerful guy but hasn’t been showing much strength as of yet.

His cards give him no advantage over Trump, who is the guy to beat at this point. Jeb is a very intelligent guy, I am certain of that, perhaps the most in the entire race. But he is not coming out strong right now and doesn’t have that dramatic flare that seems to be called for in this reality-show election.

He has the Bush power behind him, though. Maybe they got some tricks up their sleeve, like rigging the elections or something. We will have to wait and see. His cards don’t look that great.

Donald Trump – Jun 14, 1946 3♦ / A♠

Truly the star of the current election, Donald here has stood up and stood out. He has been brave enough to say things that a lot of other candidates wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. And he has been unafraid to take a truly polarized stance on issues. He has declared where he stands, knowing very well that it will polarize a lot of voters. But, it so happens that a lot of people like him for just that – his willingness to take a stand and say what they are thinking too.

Everyone loves to make fun of Trump. It is easy to dismiss him and label him a fruitcake. That is a safe position to take. I like Trump myself. As a double Diamond myself, I respect a guy who has made and lost millions of dollars and who stays in the game. I like the way he is looking at our country and its problems like a business man would. I don’t really care what his particular stand is, I enjoy him for his radical stands and how upset he makes others. You just have to love him for the entertainment value he brings.

Whether he will remain on top of the Republican side remains to be seen. Trump just passed through his Mystic Triangle Year last year, which is what I believe lead to his choosing to run (PR card spread). His cards are pretty good, but inconclusive for the election year. If he ran against Hillary, there is no clear winner though he is Moon to Hillary’s K♣.

Carly Fiorina – Sep 6, 1954 5♦ / Q♠

Carly is the ex CEO of many corporations, notably Hewlett Packard. She is probably the most powerful business woman in America. In the debates she scored well against Trump, boosting her ratings and her financial support. She is definitely in it to win it. And, she is enjoying displacing the Q♥ this year, which gives her the treasured K♠ in Mars. I believe we will see her rise up much farther in the polls as this year progresses.

Can she beat Trump? I think that is entirely possible. Their cards don’t give either the edge but she has such strength this year. It looks like more strength than Donald. Can she beat Hillary if she wins the Republican bid? They both share the Q♠ as a ruling card and this makes Hillary’s K♣ both her Saturn and Uranus Card. This definitely gives Hillary the edge. However, if Bill is really calling the shots for Hillary, which I suspect he is since she is Moon to him, then Carly has the edge since Bill’s 7♣ is Moon to her.

In addition, Carly moves to the year of the Mystic Triangle next year, which always means a great change (a lot like the Pinnacle Year). Could that change be to taking on the Oval Office? It is possible. Carly is likely to get a lot of big business backing, which, it seems has been very instrumental in past elections. Another woman for president? Why not?

Rand Paul – Jan 7, 1963 7♠ / 4♦

Rand, son of Ron Paul, is another candidate hoping his father’s fame will help his chances. He is not doing so well in the polls however. But when I look at his cards for the year starting on his next birthday, they look really good.

He is displacing the Q♥ in his Birth Card spread and the 4♣ in his Ruling Card spread, both excellent places for competition. Maybe he can step up and take some of the lead? He is fairly progressive like his father. If he can step up, he could probably beat Donald Trump.

But so far he seems unwilling to be as outspoken as Trump, which is what it will take to stand out against him. All the good cards start on his next birthday. Maybe he will get some renewed energy then and rise up. That would be fun. He is the youngest candidate in this roundup.


Ben Carson – Sep 18, 1951 6♣ / 6♠

Having probably one of the most competitive birthdays of the entire year, Ben has what it takes to become president. And I think he would make a good one.

However, it doesn’t look like he has enough support this go round to really get into the race.

Of course he will have the black vote, which could really help him. But compared to Trump, he is way behind at this point.

This is his first foray into politics so the lack of experience will probably prevent him from winning. But with his history and his cards, he could easily go on to win in a future election.




Hillary Clinton – Oct 26, 1947 9♥ / Q♠ / K♣

The Democratic forerunner by a landslide, Hillary has no equals in site. She lost last time to Obama, but Obama was her lifetime Saturn card. This time she has no real competition on the Democratic side so it is nearly a sure thing that she will at least be running for president next year.

The only question is, who will she be facing and is she stronger than her opponent? Her and husband Bill have been orchestrating her run for many years now, including her stint at Secretary of State, from which they amassed a fortune. Her loss against Obama was a blow to be sure, but now she is much more prepared.

Most people forget how many people were murdered and went to jail during Bill’s rise to presidency. These two usually get what they want and there is no way to know what sorts of things are going on behind the scenes.

Her personal cards are pretty good, though nothing definitive is showing for the election year. Just that she is completing her current 7-year spread next year and the Result cards are pretty encouraging (8♥/ Q♣ and J♣). The Q♣ is also one of her Long Range Cards next year, along with the 8♠ and 2♠. All in all, her cards are good.

Being a 9♥, or let’s say a Nine, just like our last two presidents, Hillary would really want to create more government assistance programs, which would probably put us into more debt. But after our last two 94♦ presidents, I can’t imagine anything getting worse in that regard. I hope she wins!

Bernie Sanders Sep 8, 1941 34♦ / A♠

It is interesting that Bernie and Donald Trump have the same cards, though one is Gemini and the other Virgo. Bernie comes in as a progressive and is very popular with the younger generation for his position against corruption, big business government, and other topics.

He did not do well in the first debate against Hillary, the party favorite, and it is doubtful that he will win the nomination against Hillary, who has been working on this election for at least twelve years now and is being guided by her able husband, Bill. Bernie is the guy all the hippies and New Age folks want to see win.

He says a lot of the things this more conscious segment of society would say, a lot like Ron Paul in the last election. But like Ron Paul, he just doesn’t have much of the popular vote, which tells you that higher consciousness is definitely not popular these days.

Bernie’s cards are good this year, not so much though next year when the election takes place. His Ruling Card sits in the Pinnacle this year. You never know, he might be chosen as Hillary’s running mate.

All in all, this election has proven to be quite different than those previously. And there is a lot more developments to come. The real question is on the Republican side of things. Who will face Hillary? No one is Saturn to her that I am aware of so I don’t see someone who would, by virtue of their cards, have an advantage over her. For all we know, this election may have already been decided by unseen forces.

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