Thank you for your order from Seven Thunders Publishing. This page is to tell you about our new system for commerce and how it will affect you, especially if you are an existing customer.

We are moving to our new ECommerce system in order for you to have a smoother and easier way to get and access your content. Our existing system was antiquated and clumsy and had limited capabilities. We went through a lot of trouble in setting this all up and we hope that you enjoy the new shopping and access systems.

The Difference

In the past, our content was accessed on e7thunders.com. Now all our content is being made accessible on 7thunders.com and any content you have purchased will be displayed when you click on the My Account tab at the upper right hand corner of any page. Also, on the My Account page you can manage your products and subscriptions. Just click around on that page to see how it all works. It is fairly straightforward.

Existing Customers who have made past purchases

If you have made purchases before this one, to online content on our site, it will still be accessible on e7thunders.com. What this means is that you will have at least two accounts, one on 7thunders.com and one on e7thunders.com. Keep this in mind as it may and probably will be confusing initially. And some of you actually have more than one account already on e7thunders.com to contend with, which unfortunately will make it even more complicated. If you get confused about where to go to get your content, just email Robert at themagi@beta.7thunders.com and he will help you straighten things out. Everything is based upon the email address, usually your Paypal email address.

E7thunders.com - has your older purchases, subscriptions and online content

7thunders,com - is where all your purchases from this day forward are located

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